The Wonderful World of Penarth

1 Jul

So it has been just over a month we’ve been open in Penarth now and it’s going great! Everyone has been so supportive. Some saying how they like the layout, some complimenting us on our selection, some just to see Watson. We hope that everyone is pleased with what we’ve been doing so far here with the range and layout.2013-YR-SRUIN-22oz

Some of the things that we’re able to do here with the increased space really make life easier. We’ve got a much bigger beer fridge so we can arrange it by style, so if you fancy a lager or a Weiss beer it’s really easy to see not only your favourites, but others from different parts of the world that you might not necessarily have thought about or noticed. Sticking with the beer we’ve also got a ‘Last Chance Saloon’ where beers that you are unlikely to see again go. If a beer goes to the last chance saloon it’s because we probably can’t get it again for a while, either the last few of a limited run or super-rare stuff with no official distribution. Just to cap it all off we’ve got our grab boxes too. Find it hard to decide from the selection of over 100 brews? Then let us do the choosing for you! 6 bottles of awesome beer with a (vague and tenuous) theme, tasting notes (for untappd), with a bit of a discount in a handy beer carrier. It’ll be changing regularly so you won’t get bored!

716765.20130924134003The wine’s have not been forgotten though. We’ve got a couple of delicious wines from Brazil at the moment, a Tannat and a Moscato. Both delicious the Tannat has a mature and wild nose, with raspberry and black fruit aromas, game, earth and strong spices. Whilst the Moscato has floral notes such as acacia and geranium and fresh fruit notes such as peach, lychee and lemon, it’s light and easy to drink. Both just £9.99.

Just as we do in Roath, we’re making sure that you get great value when you’ve got the discipline to buy by the case.  We will give you a massive 15% off a mixed case of wines. That not only includes all the still wines in the range but also Champagnes, sparkling wines and also wines from our fine wine range such as the amazing 1997 Allegrini Amarone or the rich and delicious Charles Melton Nine Popes. Really easy to pick up as well, the hash box in the car park right outside the door is reserved for customers of the “Wine Shop”, we’ll even help you carry to the car (got to keep fit some how!)

Those of you who managed to make it to the awesome Lambrusco tasting on the 20th of June will tell you how much of a good time it was, some amazing wines and a wonderful spread from Foxy’s deli over the road. It would be really great to do a regular tasting once a month and we’re currently just finalising plans for a July tasting. There will be some really fantastic wines on taste and hopefully a few nibbles too! Keep an eye out in the window and on the twitter for details.

Well I think that’s enough to be going on with and as always if you have any suggestions or lines you really want us to stock just drop us a line.


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