Cidre tasting in Penarth

15 Jul

As you may have guessed from the very subtle title above we are having a cidre tasting in Penarth tomorrow. The guys from Breton Corner are going to be in Foxy’s Deli during the day with loads of delicious produce from just over the channel. Then at 5 they are going to wander over the road to us and crack open some of their awesome cidre. If you’ve not tried Breton Cidre before, it’s really worth a visit. The flavour is a different style what we make over here. Breton cidre has a grassyness that just reminds you of lush rolling fields with cows chewing the cud on a beautiful day in August. You’re sat on a stile with a handful of crusty baguette oozing with mature camembert in one hand a stoneware jug of cidre in the other, staring wistfully out towards the horizon.

Sorry got a bit carried away there, so tomorrow 5pm onwards, free booze.



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