Sunday Sessions – Roath 28/06/15 – Tasting Notes

28 Jun


Big thanks to all that came and made the 1st of hopefully many Sunday Sessions an enjoyable day and hopefully engaging and worthwhile experience for you guys the customers : )
And if you didn’t come – well you missed out! Though we will be tasting every Sunday alternating Roath / Penarth – so Next week Penarth 🙂
Each week I will post a list of wines we tried and some quick notes so the more researchy of you can take a grander and kinda get the idea.

Quinta do Patrimonio – Gwin Vinho Verdes (Portugal) £8.99
From the last few bottles of previous vintage (current bottling imminent) so the usual “spritz”, and acidity associated with VV is not too pronounced, whilst this makes the wine thicker through the palate the wine still has a fresh summery taste, that because of the lower acidity holds in the mouth that bit longer. Will be interesting to see how the new vintage compares.

Borgo Selene – Bianco (Sicily) £7.99
50/50 Catarratto, Inzolia blend delicate but zesty citrus fruits on both the nose and the palate, crisp and dry on the finish but with a good minerality that belays its price tag – excellent value.
Vida Organica – Torrontes (Argentina) £10.49
More delicate than our “other” torrontes in the shop, nice soft stone fruits on the palate, clean and fresh if more subtle than alternatives- nice weight in the palate and all round pleasing mouth feel. Perfumed and versatile.
Ciu Ciu – Bacchus (Marche, Italy) £9.99 *** STAR WINE ***
Sangiovese and Montepulciano from Piceno. Organic and vegan certified this wine screams of terroir with rich earthy notes under full juicy raisiny fruits – all with a medium to light body. The clarity and freshness of this wine blows me away (one of my fav current wines)
Les Volcans – Syrah (France) £12.99 *** Highly Commended ***
From the volcanic Auvergne region (just south of Loire) this wine comes from the slopes of Puy-de-Dome the highest peak in the region. The altitude really shows, giving minerality and a pepperyness on the palate and super-duper length on the finish all whilst remaining fresh and elegant. A real class act.
Familia Schroder – Deseado Sparkling Torrontes (Patagonia) £13.99
Charmat method fizz that is off dry and has a full fruitiness and creaminess that fills the palate, good minerality makes this a great post tasting cleanser or a good match for goats cheese, perhaps a great alternative to all the “dry” fizz out there.

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