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September is all about Chile.

9 Sep

As you may have guessed from the very subtle title and the incredibly interesting tweets flying about, we’re showcasing Chile this month. As everybody knows there are some bargains to be had from Chile. We’ve all picked up the cheap bottles of plonk and thought, ‘huh it’s not bad.’ Well this month there are some wonderful wines on our shelves under a tenner that show you what incredable depth of flavour you can get from this long high country on the other side of the world. From fantastically tropical sauvignons through structured creamy chardonnays to powerful cab sauvs and rich spicy syrah. Just in case you think I might be using a smidge of hyperbole (perish the thought) we’ve got a couple of wines open every weekend for you to taste and make your own mind up.

One of the things you may not know about Chile is that is is one of the few wine growing countries in the world that is free of phylloxera (the vine root destroying louse). This means that the vines grow on their original root stocks not grafted onto American root stocks like much of the rest of the world. Arguably this means that you’re getting the true expression of the grape, although there are a large number of Europeans that would happily shout me down over this!

As part of our celebration of Chile we’ve got another fantastic case of wine for you. Once again it’s £60 but this time we’ve teamed up with Wines of Chile to give you a very snazzy jute bottle bag when you buy the 6. They’re available in either of our shops whilst stocks last. Tasting notes after the jump.

COM September 2014

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