About Us

A small independent wine merchant based in Roath, Cardiff; we stock the best part of 800 lines of different wines, beers and spirits from all over the world. We also stock a wide range of local beers from in and around South Wales.

We are adamant that the shop demystifies the ‘value’ of wine – we hate all the crazy alcohol deals / offers that exist. We think a fair price for a good product leaves nobody feeling short changed. As such all the wines are priced on the same margin. You pay more, you get more in your glass. Simple.

The more we can talk to and interact with our customers the better – visiting the bottle shop is as much a learning curve for us as possibly the customer. The more we know about your likes / dislikes the better we can assist you in finding something you will enjoy, and in turn the better the rapport, the better the feedback, which in turn helps us help the next customer that little bit more.

We’re NOT wine snobs and we think that lots of people are put off by pretentious buffoons swirling glasses at them. If we can help you pick a wine you will like and answer any questions along the way – that for us is job done.